More Random 9/12 Crazy People

This hand-written sign underscores the Wingnuts As Victims theory:


How dare you make us act like crazy people! And next time we're bringing our guns -- and that will be your fault, too!

And the official tea party Batshit Mobile:


I love the "Your Tax $" sign under the (crude and exploitative) photo of Terry Schiavo. I forget -- which party was it that wasted congressional time and, you know, your tax money on getting between an American family and their doctors?

Lots of wingnuts seem to be latched onto this czar thing. They really hate the czars. Then again, if Glenn Beck did a whole show on President Obama wearing pants, there'd be wingnuts crapping their cages over all those PANTS! But during the Bush administration, we really sunk our teeth into the massive executive power grab that took place, but I don't recall ever bitching about the czars. And Bush had a lot of them.

Also, note to wingnuts: czars controlled Russia before the Bolchevik revolution and the rise of the communist Soviet Union. One of many reasons why, say, disgraced wingnut radio host Bill Bennett had no problem being Bush 41's "Drug Czar." Commie.

And finally, looking at the wide array of photographs, I can't help but to wonder: It may have been eight years ago, but I don't remember "everyone feeling like this on 9/12."

Speaking of which, if there's another terrorist attack, there's no doubt that this crowd would descend on Washington the next day to demand the impeachment of President Obama. Here's proof:

Apparently Senator DeMint greeted the crowd with the line, "Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to Waterloo!" These aren't fringe wingnuts. This is the Republican Party. White, crazy, racist morons.