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Morning Joe… Later

You know what's awesome? Republicans who disown George W. Bush as "not a real fiscal conservative." Scarborough, for example, was trying to pass of this line of hooey to Paul Krugman this morning. It's Scarborough's usual routine:

Let me just say, though, that George Bush over the past eight years had the most disastrous spending policy. They decided to cut taxes, they decided to increase the deficits, they decided to increase entitlement spending while they were fighting two wars. They made no tough decisions whatsoever. You can't say that that's the traditional conservative approach to economics. It was a disaster. I think we can all agree with that can we not?

Yeah, this is an actual Scarborough quote from this morning in which he appears to be disowning the Bush tax cuts and the wars and so on. Joe Scarborough, for the record, vocally supported both wars, he supported the Bush tax cuts, he supported the reelection of Bush in 2004 and he supported John McCain (more tax cuts!) in 2008 -- and therefore he, by definition, supported the Bush spending policy. I want Joe Scarborough to name one Bush program he was against.

The point is that you can't have been in favor of the Bush wars, the Bush Homeland Security bureaocracy, the Bush tax cuts and all the rest of it, and be opposed Bush's spending.