Morning Joe

Morning Torture

Joe Scarborough and Liz Cheney are on Morning Joe right now presenting two red herring arguments in support of torture and no one appears to be challenging either of them. (Actually, Joe isn't "on" Morning Joe. He's literally phoning it in. Is it me or is he rarely on his own show?)

First, they're shifting the argument to one of efficacy -- release all the memos in order to prove that these techniques worked. Torture doesn't work, of course, but yeah. It doesn't matter, ultimately, whether or not it worked. Torture is illegal and immoral and, to quote Shep Smith, America does not torture. There are a lot of things that could "work" to "keep us safe." A wide variety of immoral deeds and sinister weapons. But that doesn't mean we should use them.

Second, Scarborough brought up polling, and how some polls indicate popular support for torture. Not only do we not torture, but polling shouldn't matter here, regardless of the result. These are issues for the law -- not for the posse. When it comes to crime and safety, the posse reacts with kneejerk vengeance, irrespective of the law. And that's not how things work here.

Nevertheless, Republicans, keep going! You're doing great! Please continue to throw in with Dick Cheney and torture. Excellent strategy.

Adding... To be fair, they just brought on Eugene Robinson to challenge Liz Cheney. And now Andrew Ross-Sorkin is piling on against Liz Cheney who, by the way, really likes to interrupt people with debunked talking points such as "these techniques aren't torture."

Adding 2... Liz Cheney: "We didn't know anything about al-Qaeda" on 9/12. Seriously.

UPDATE: Video of Liz Cheney and Eugene Robinson: