• KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Artist Jimmy Margulies nails the hypocrisy of the right-wing.
    Not so long ago the word “tits” couldn’t be said on TV yet no conservative had a problem with war films & cop shows killing and maiming during prime time for all kids to view the bloody carnage.

    • muselet

      It’s not just the Right, unfortunately.

      Take a look at film ratings (as far as I can make out, the MPAA doesn’t screen its film-rating panels for political affiliation). One of the Star Trek movies had to make Klingon blood Pepto-Bismol pink to appease the MPAA and retain its coveted PG-13, but most of the time, people getting shot is greeted with a yawn. Tits mean an automatic R, and unless the filmmakers are really persuasive a glimpse of hoo-ha or—perish forbid!—John Thomas (Neil Jordan certainly has the gift of gab) and it’s an NC-17.

      We as a society are squeamish about the human body but not about blood and mayhem. Would that it were the other way round.


    • Korteztk

      Not just the hypocrisy, but the lunacy, the indoctrination plans, and how vulnerable our so-called great society is to such extreme right wing messaging.