Democratic Party

Must… Not… Lose… Shpadoinkle

Greg Sargent detailed several items in today's Morning Plum that are truly testing my patience with the Democrats and the administration. Some choice items:

* Rahm Emanuel lays out the new schedule: We’re doing health care sometime later, after jobs bill and financial regulatory reform.

* With Obama meeting House GOPers today in big show of bipartisan outreach [...]

* With Dems telegraphing weakness by signaling uncertainty about Gitmo, Senate GOP will force Dems into tough vote on bill blocking Federal funds for court trials of terror suspects.

* Also in that link: WaPo notes that the Dem reluctance to fund Gitmo’s closure means Obama’s options for closing the facility are “dwindling.” Another GOP victory on horizon.

And there's more. Sadly.

By the way, very progressive members of Congress have been working against the president on closing Guantanamo. It's not just the conservadems, hawks and fear-mongers.