Senator Barack Obama

My Gut Tells Me…'s not going to be Governor Kaine. Yet...

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has told close associates that he has had "very serious" conversations with Sen. Barack Obama about joining the Democratic presidential ticket and has provided documents to the campaign as it combs through his background, according to several sources close to Kaine. [...]

Although rumors have circulated about former military leaders and other nontraditional contenders, including Republicans, Obama's pool of prospects is heavy on longtime senators with foreign policy experience. Kaine and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius are the only state leaders believed to be under serious consideration, sources close to Obama said.

This leak, if it came from the governor, might indicate that he's falling off the list and is maybe looking for some positive public reaction to boost his chances. At least, that's my hunch. I don't recall running mates from years past leaking their names so close to an announcement.

So now, I'm feeling strongly about Governor Sebelius or General Clark. And what about Governor Richardson? No-one is talking about him at all, which means that he might be near the top.