National Unity

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the House of Representatives has officially left Washington for their 7-week recess. They accomplished exactly nothing before leaving.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump's lawyers say former aide Sam Nunberg just wants "free publicity" which is an odd thing to say given that very few people even knew his name before Trump filed a lawsuit against him.

Finally, one of the Bundy militiamen who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon apparently lost his shit in court yesterday after a judge denied him permissions to go home.

[David Fry's] detention hearing was his third. His attorney, Per Olson, spent much of it defending Fry’s mental health while trying to counter prosecutors’ allegations that Fry was volatile and unpredictable, even though the hearing ended with an outburst by Fry that seemed to fit the very descriptions and concerns laid out by prosecutors. [...]

[Judge Robert Jones] said he was puzzled by statements Fry made about wanting to die and be reincarnated as a woman, as well as Fry’s concerns about an invasion from outer space.

Fry responded to Jones directly, saying that he was making accusations, clarifying that it would be “easier” if he were to be reincarnated as a woman. Fry also said he’s not alone in his concern about alien visits to planet Earth, and that it is his First Amendment to believe it.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Re comic: are those the specs from They Live?

  • Aynwrong

    A right wing militia guy who believes reincarnation as well as extra terrestrials living among us. That’s gotta be some kind of a hat trick.

    • I’d imagine lots of em believe extra terrestrials are real