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Navy Secretary Resigns After Calling Captain “Stupid”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Captain Brett Crozier of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) was relieved from duty last week because he addressed a letter to the Pentagon that was promptly leaked the press, but Navy Secretary Thomas Modly is now out of a job as well for a leak of his own.

One day after an audio recording of him telling the crew of the Roosevelt that their former captain was "stupid" leaked to the press, Modly has resigned.

Modly's Monday morning remarks to the crew prompted sailors to yell back in frustration, President Donald Trump to say he might "get involved" in the matter, and Defense Secretary Mark Esper to order Modly to apologize, two US officials tell CNN.

The acting Navy secretary issued his late-night about-face apology Monday evening, just hours after he defended his comments to the aircraft carrier's crew. But Modly's belated declaration that he does "not think Captain Brett Crozier is naïve nor stupid" was not enough to protect his job.

Modly probably thought he was doing Trump a solid by first sacking and then insulting Captain Crozier, because that's exactly what Trump would do, isn't it?

It is, but Trump is allowed to get away with things no other "president" would because everyone close to him is a loyalist lickspittle. The same rules do not apply to everyone underneath Trump; they can't get away with everything. Everyone under Trump can be sacrificed even if they were following orders from the White House.

The Washington Post reported last week that Trump personally wanted Captain Crozier gone and Modly obviously stepped up to the plate, but now the latter has paid his own price for it.

Everyone who works for Trump is eventually humiliated.

  • mnpollio

    Good. I am glad this turd was kicked to the curb. But you are correct that he was doing exactly what Trump wanted and Trump never seems to suffer any consequences. And when will this seemingly endless supply of worthless sycophants learn that their Lord and Savior Trump demands loyalty but gives none in return? I fancifully remember those fence-sitter voters who threw a vote at Trump based on the fact that his advisors would reign him in and the adults in the room would never allow him to go too far. Uh-huh! I would be curious to know their feelings now. Wake up, fools. The president picks his advisors and those in his inner circle and can replace them in a heartbeat. This seems great when you have a leader who knows what the hell they are doing. With a wannabe fascist dictator, it does not work out so well. At this point, anyone who voted for Trump and the Republicans, and especially anyone who still supports them, has blood on their hands.

  • Aynwrong

    Muselet summed it up nicely. His only mistake was getting caught.

  • muselet

    Relieving Brett Crozier of command would not have gotten Thomas Modly in trouble with Donald Trump.

    Crudely insulting Crozier would have been okay with Trump, too, but Modly made the terrible mistake of spouting off in front of people who were motivated to defend Crozier. A different audience might not have recorded Modly’s comments and, more crucially, might not have shared those comments with the press. He left fingerprints at the crime scene, so to speak, so he suddenly became expendable.

    Not that his replacement will be any better, but good riddance, Thomas Modly.