Never Surrender

(Cartoonist - Paul Berge)

In other news, a Trump delegate to the Republican convention has been charged for possession of explosives, machine guns, and child pornography. I guess they'll need a substitute.

Meanwhile, Trump reportedly invested in and profited from an Indiana-based company that recently shipped thousands of jobs to Mexico according to the Indianapolis Star.

And finally, Hillary Clinton reminds us that there's "no way" she won't be the Democratic nominee. She's right. It can't come soon enough.

Programming note... I'll be offline again tomorrow to spend time with family while they're visiting from out of state. Everything should be back to normal on Monday. Have a good weekend.

  • efcolella

    An absolute must see of Jon Stewart’s comments re: the election.

  • Georgie
  • Badgerite

    Nor soon enough for me. At least then Sanders and his staff can quit pretending they give a crap about the Democratic party or the people in it. “Revolution”!!!!
    Or the We the People for that matter.