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New Americans for Prosperity Ad is a Fake

Here’s one of the infamous anti-ACA Americans for Prosperity ads in Alaska. This isn’t part of the campaign to convince people to not buy insurance, but it’s almost as bad.

And now… the rest… of the story.

The Alaskan mom in the commercial? She’s an actor from Maryland.

But whatever. Fake Alaska resident says Stop Obamacare!

(ht Steve Duckett)

  • Christopher Foxx

    The Alaskan mom in the commercial? She’s an actor from Maryland

    A “mom” in a commercial ad is really just an actor? Stop the presses!

  • Nefercat

    They run a similar pack of lies in Michigan. I am in Benishek’s district and they have been running an ad praising that scummy toad for his battle against Obamacare, and asking us to call him and tell him we support him. His ads are always just flat out, bald-faced lies by AFP and other similar organizations, just as they were during the campaign.

    The ads run during every commercial break and are just awful. I loathe that nasty gasbag. Oh, and he is a physician and likes to call himself Dr. Dan.

  • zirgar

    More like Americans for Disparity.

  • The world would be a far better place without the damn Koch family.

    • gescove

      Agreed. Talk about being born on third base and convinced they hit a triple. Just what is it in their twisted souls that compels them to spend millions to try to deny health care to their fellow citizens? I simply cannot fathom it.

      • muselet

        More like born on third base and bitter that they’ve been cheated out of their rightful home run.

        My guess is that they think of healthcare as a zero-sum game: if others get access, that means less for them. Plus, they might have to pay some additional taxes and that’s just intolerable (never mind that the amount is roughly what they could find in the couch cushions). As I say, that’s just a guess.


      • ” I simply cannot fathom it.”

        Me either, gescove. I have to think it’s because they’re sociopaths who get a great deal of pleasure out of making others miserable..

  • Ipecac

    These people are just evil.