New and Interesting Laws that Took Effect Yesterday

Yesterday wasn't just about the fiscal cliff deal. Via Mediaite, the following laws took effect as of January 1, 2013.

Strip clubs in Illinois must now charge $3 at the door and even better, all the proceeds must go to charity. It's called a “skin” tax and all the proceeds will go to rape crisis centers.

In California, it's now legal for "driverless" cars to go on the road... a human must always be in the passenger seat of all computer-driven cars.

In Wellington, Kansas, a new law limits each household to no more than four cats. Want to adopt more homeless kitties? Too bad!

Concord, Massachusetts took a big environmental leap forward and outlawed plastic bottles today. Watch out with your Poland Spring at the gym: they're now considered contraband.

Although Illinois doesn't appear to be close to any major shark fishing outlets, there's good news for the Hammerheads and Great Whites: the state has banned the sale and trade of shark fins.

  • mrbrink

    Strippers in Illinois named “Charity” could be a little confused about all this.

    So, as a public service, Republicans are holding late night townhalls in the VIP rooms across Illinois to remind these hard working Americans that the money is actually going to legitimate rape crisis centers.

    They outlawed foie gras, now you’re going to have to get your shark fin soup off the back of a van.

    Illinois is getting around to making sausage a vegetable, but we draw the line at foods you can’t use as deep dish pizza filling.

    And when the kitty-gestapo rolls through Wellington, Kansas, with their kitty papers please laws and their kitty trail of tears, I want all those kitties to know that my cats are sleeping all day in solidarity with their kitty brothers and sisters in Nazidog, Kansas.

    • atlavely

      Thank you, Mr. Brink!