Newsweek is Trolling. And It’s Dangerous.

This is Newsweek's cover story today.

In addition to the provocative cover and the correspondingly bad story, Newsweek is also encouraging readers and fans to tweet #MuslimRage. And as of this time it's among the top 5 trends on Twitter.

The story was written by a known Islamophobe who promotes the idea that all Muslims are extremists rather than a select few. A person who would ordinarily be considered part of the fringe herself except today Newsweek decided to troll for clicks and page-views by putting real lives in danger.

Extremists already used one piece of anti-Muslim propaganda as a distraction to launch an attack on American embassies. Does Newsweek really need to fan the flames?

According to ThinkProgress, the story's author is also an apologist for Norwegian madman Anders Breivik who murdered 69 people last year.

In a speech back in May, Hirsi Ali expressed sympathy for one of the justifications for Norwegian anti-Muslim terrorist Anders Breivik‘s attacks, explaining that Breivik said “he had no other choice but to use violence” because his fringe views were “censored.” Breivik was convicted of mass murder last month, which he admitted to perpetuating in order to save Europe from a “Muslim takeover.”

No one would listen to him about the secret Muslim take over so he had no other choice than to murder dozens of children?

Good job, Newsweek. That will win their hearts and minds.