Newt Is Creepier Than John Edwards

Jon Chait wonders why John Edwards' underpants party gets so much attention but there's never been any mention of the fact that Newt also cheated on and divorced a cancer-stricken wife:

John Edwards' philandering has made him a public pariah, understandably so. But Gingrich's marital behavior was probably even more disgusting. He cheated on his first wife and told her he wanted a divorce while she was recovering from surgery for cancer. He subsequently cheated on his second wife with a much younger aide. It's fairly amazing how Gingrich has managed to avoid any stigma from this. He's just a conservative "ideas guy."

The same goes for John Ensign. Talk about an ugly and bizarre situation.

Of course the reason why they're given a pass is the usual: the corporate press gives extra deference to the Republicans out of a self-conscious desire to not seem too liberal. Hence, equivalencies when none exist, and Newt gets to have creepy underpants parties without notice.