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Artist – David Fitzsimmons

An Arkansas State Senator who wants to arm teachers accidentally shot a teacher during a training exercise in stopping bad guys.

He was invited to attend an “active shooter” training and – using a rubber bullet-loaded pistol – he mistakenly shot a teacher who was confronting a “bad guy.”

“Whoops” doesn’t quite cut it. And I can’t stop laughing.

  • Yes, it’s funny. However, I think Hutchison still intends to let each school decide for itself….sounds like he didn’t learn the lesson.

    • muselet

      No, not entirely. He still thinks training will keep Walt the janitor with his Dirty Harry .44 Magnum from shooting innocents, after all.

      However, Hutchinson is capable of recognizing that there is a problem with armed school personnel, so one cheer (or an unenthusiastic two cheers) for him.


  • muselet

    Not exactly. Jeremy Hutchinson even argues for extensive training of anyone carrying a gun at a school.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we may have found a borderline-reasonable Republican! On one issue. For the moment. Until he gets primaried.


    • JMAshby

      That’s not counter to what I said. The point is he shot a teacher during training which is suppose to train teachers how to shoot. Yeah, he supports training, and look what happened.

      • muselet

        Except the exercise was arranged by Benton, Arkansas, police chief Kirk Lane specifically to demonstrate his concerns about armed school personnel to Jeremy Hutchinson and State Rep. Kim Hammer—not to train school personnel—and the “teacher” in whose arse Hutchinson busted a (fake) cap was a police officer in plain clothes.

        That Hutchinson actually seems to have learned the intended lesson from his experience (there’s no way to distinguish between good guys and bad guys in the chaos of an active-shooter situation) is, I think, the real story here.


        • JMAshby

          I can loan you a sense of humor if you’ve lost yours. I have extra to spare.

          A guy who wants to put guns in schools (yes, with training) shot a teacher in an active shooter exercise.

          Maybe I’m morbid for thinking that’s hilarious.

          • muselet

            You are doubtless familiar with the definition of a Swede as being like a German but without the sense of humour: I put this proposition to a German and am glad to report that he considered it seriously and agreed that it was correct, adding after reflection that it was also funny. –LJK Setright, “Any Other Business”, CAR, May 1998


          • Christopher Foxx

            A guy who wants to put guns in schools (yes, with training) shot a teacher in an active shooter exercise.

            Which, per the article muselet linked to, was the goal of the exercise. Unknown to Hutchinson at the time, but that seems to be exactly what the police chief was aiming to have happen. Run the simulation a couple of times with just bad guy targets, and then set things up so there is a good guy in the mix positioned so that he’s likely to get shot. Thus demonstrating his concern.

            And Hutchinson, while not convinced guns in schools is a bad idea, did seem to get the point the police chief was trying to make.

            The humor is there, but not the irony that would make it a Cape Fear laugh.

    • Christopher Foxx

      From muselet/alopecia’s link:

      “But I think it would be helpful for every policy maker to experience something like that before they start setting policy.”

      Anyone who thinks it lawmakers should actually have some idea of what they’re talking about deserves some support.

      The exercise may not have changed his mind about the basic idea of guns in schools, but he did seem to get the point the police were making. And recognizing someone who disagrees with you does have a point is something most Republicans are incapable of.

  • Schneibster

    So did he get gummint healthcare since a State Senator shot him? I think he should get a stipend from the State Senator for life.

    • mdblanche

      He should just be grateful he didn’t get shot by a Vice President and didn’t have to apologize afterward.

  • I’ve been wondering why more folks aren’t making a bigger deal of the school shooting that was averted this past week. I mean, you have a man with severe mental issues storming into an elementary school, admitting that he was seeking a suicide by cop. And he got TALKED DOWN BY A BOOKKEEPER. No guns, no violence. Just somebody willing to converse with the man.

    The more I hear about this event, the more it just shuts down the utter bullsh*t that leads to ridiculousness like above. It is just blowing my mind how this happened, and how it is slowly working it’s way around the news cycle.

    • dbtheonly

      No dead = no outrage & it’s hard to make political capital out of a non-story.

    • Yes. I would also like for police to be trained in ways to restrain out of control people without using guns or stun guns. I knew a wisp of a woman who was well trained in restraint methods. She worked in a mental hospital and could restrain large men who were behaving violently.

  • hanadora444

    I don’t care how “properly trained” you are, in chaotic or otherwise complicated circumstances, things can always go wrong. A while back, in a town near mine, the local police wanted to serve a warrant on a non-violent offender. They got a tip that he was at the local multiplex theater and and a couple of cops waited for him to come out of the movie. When they confronted him he made a motion that they interpreted as going for a gun. So they shot him. And each other. Luckily no one died and it was shown afterwards that the offender did not have a gun. Most people consider police properly trained but yet stuff like this happens.