No Filter? Governor McCrory’s Staff Planted Questions to Avoid HB2

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Both the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) pulled future events out of North Carolina last week in protest of the state's anti-transgender "bathroom bill" HB2.

The consequences of Governor Pat McCrory's continued defense of HB2 may be something the press would like to ask him about, but McCrory's staff has that covered.

The governor's staff, in one of the most boneheaded moves I can recall, planted questions for McCrory to answer and attributed the questions to the state's most-read newspaper, the Charlotte Observer.

McCrory’s staff planted questions at a lunch event in SouthPark on Thursday with the crowd under the impression that they were coming from the media or the audience. The moderator, a volunteer from the lunch audience, introduced three questions by saying they were from the Charlotte Observer. [...]

When the moderator asked how to get started, McCrory said, “Anything you like. No filter here.” Sure, who needs a filter when you posed the questions yourself?

When I tried to ask McCrory a question, the filter went up. “We’ve got three Observer questions answered already. I think you guys dominate the news enough.”


If you're going to plant questions, you probably shouldn't attribute them to a publication that has an editor in attendance at the event.

Governor McCrory is an idiot surrounded by other idiots.

  • muselet

    When the event was over, McCrory did not meet with the throng of reporters who were there. He ducked out a side door and down a hall that led to a back exit. I followed him to try to ask him about HB2, but his staff blocked me.

    Pat McCrory wouldn’t take questions from an actual newspaper, then ran away. Courageous!

    Ricky Diaz, a campaign spokesman, on Friday acknowledged the campaign provided questions for the governor, but said “we were asked to in order to keep the conversation format going.”

    Jenn Snyder, executive director of the Hood Hargett Breakfast Club, said that’s not true.

    After which, the campaign flat lied about the whole incident. Trustworthy!

    North Carolinians have the opportunity to get rid of Pat McCrory this November. Here’s hoping they do.


    • Aynwrong

      I wonder if any of these “reporters” had ever hung their hats at Talon News?

      • muselet

        Maybe someone should look to see if James Guckert is working for the Pat McCrory campaign. Of course, he won’t be working under his own name …


    • ninjaf

      When he ran for Governor, I remember his campaign ads specifically never said if he was a Republican or a Democrat. To me, in a two party system, when you try to hide which of the two parties you are representing, something isn’t right. Without even knowing which party he was with, I knew I would be voting for his opponent. Someone like that is not trustworthy.

      And hey…look what we have here! :-/

  • Aynwrong

    Anyone else notice that whenever something this jaw droppingly stupid is done you can always play a game of “Guess what party he belongs to!” and “R” is pretty much always what comes up?

    • ninjaf

      “But…but…but…but Democrats do it, too. Something something something Beghazi….and emails!”