No Good Guys

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In other news, paid CNN contributor and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowksi is still being paid by Donald Trump and is apparently bound by a non-disclosure agreement with Trump. CNN is paying this man $500,000 to be a straight-up stooge who cannot be critical of the GOP nominee.

Meanwhile, and in related news, Trump has filed a lawsuit against former aide Sam Nunberg seeking $10 million in damages for leaking campaign information. Nunberg says Trump is trying to cover up an affair between CNN's paid stooge Lewandowksi and his current press secretary Hope Hicks. You can't make this shit up.

USA Today will have to update their database of Trump lawsuits.

Finally, CIA director John Brennan says he would resign if the next president ordered him to torture prisoners. Donald Trump has called for torturing prisoners as recently as last week.