No Obstruction

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, Trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow says he thinks Fed Chairman Jerome Powell could possibly become a good chairman. Unfortunately for him, Kudlow will never be a good anything.

Meanwhile, Former White House Counsel Greg Craig has been indicted for operating as an unregistered foreign agent for the government of Ukraine. It's like they grow on trees.

Finally, researchers at the Urban Institute say natural disasters are contributing to income inequality because wealthy families can recover but others aren't always so fortunate.

“The combination of devastating natural disasters with financially fragile families can be a recipe for not only short-term financial hardship, but also long-term declines in financial health,” the report’s authors wrote.

“The overall pattern of results also broadly suggests that disasters do more than harm residents; they also widen existing inequalities,” it added. [...]

While the financial effects of a natural disaster do cut across all income brackets, it’s the people who are already struggling before a catastrophe that suffer the worst financial effects because of it.

For instance, people who had poor credit before a disaster will experience more significant declines as a result. The average credit score among those with initially poor credit dropped by 29 points four years after a medium-sized disaster. Comparatively, the average score for people with initially good credit only declined by 8 points in that time.

I look at this as another way climate change is already affecting our lives and the economy.

  • Badgerite

    At this point it is more then clear that the gop will do nothing to reign this POS in. Proud Resister Ryan Knight makes a very good point when he states that if the Dems will not impeach trump, you may as well take the impeachment power out of the document. We do not submit the Rule of Law to polling. It exists to establish fundamental standards in our society.
    If they are not enforced for whatever reasons, those standards, law itself, no longer exists.
    #impeachtheMFeralready. Congress and the public have a right to the full un-redacted report.
    He takes the Dems caution as weakness. And is already going off the deep end. He commits impeachable offenses and violations of the oath of office on a daily basis. Impeach the MFer. Now.
    Let’s see the evidence that the Mueller team has compiled. I don’t want “summaries”. I want the evidence.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Meanwhile, Former White House Counsel Greg Craig has been indicted for operating as an unregistered foreign agent for the government of Ukraine.

    Former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig. Interesting that was left out.

    • JMAshby

      He was fired from the Obama admin in 2010.

      In 2012, he went to work with Paul Manafort.

      • stacib23

        I think the kids call this clapping back. 😀

        • Christopher Foxx

          I think it’s what some call dancing around the issue. (granted it’s a small issue, but a dance nonetheless)

          • stacib23

            Dancing around the issue is what the mainstream media did by reporting on the guy as if Obama never fired him. In super, duper font the headlines promoted the story as if the guy held his position throughout the time Obama was president. Why mention Obama as the most recent association was with Manafort? Clickbait, maybe???

          • Christopher Foxx

            Then describe him as “Manafort associate Greg Craig.” But if you’re going to choose to describe him as a White House Counsel (a choice, not a requirement), then its seems appropriate to say which White House.

      • Christopher Foxx

        Yes. But if you’re going to describe him as a White House Counsel, you should include who’s White House he was Counsel in.