No One is Staying at Trump’s New Hotel

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may have suckered the cable news networks into covering the grand opening of his new hotel in Washington, but it doesn't appear to have helped him.

Prices at Trump's hotel have already been cut in half and virtually no one is eating at the restaurant.

On Tuesday, the place seemed eerily empty. You could book a room for next weekend for less than $400. A week ago, the minimum rate was twice that. [...]

The restaurant is BLT Prime by David Burke, a second choice because the Washington restaurateur José Andrés backed out of his agreement to open a Spanish-Japanese eatery after Mr. Trump’s immigrant-bashing campaign kickoff speech. At lunchtime on a recent weekday, 17 people were eating in a space that seats 120. Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post’s restaurant critic, titled his review “Gilded Touches on Yet Another Steakhouse.”

The Times spoke to a waiter who boasted that there will be "thousands" of holiday parties booked at the hotel, but it appears that no one has actually booked any pertinent dates yet.

One wonders when Trump's next bankruptcy filing will arrive.

  • muselet

    José Andrés’s decision to run away from Donald Trump as fast as his legs could carry him begins to look even better.

    It will be interesting to see if David Burke can make a 120-seat restaurant a success in an empty hotel.

    And if the Trump campaign isn’t already shrieking about that New York Times opinion piece (“Biased! All of dopey Elizabeth Williamson’s taste is in her mouth! Sad!”), it will be by the end of business today.


    • JMAshby

      The restaurant industry is a cutthroat business. It will fold within a year if more people don’t start eating there.

      • muselet

        Absolutely true, and Washington DC was already awash in steakhouses.

        On the plus side, David Burke has found a formula that works with BLT Prime, and the Miami location is at Trump National Doral, so he (well, ESquared Hospitality) has had dealings with Donald Trump before.

        On the minus side, the Trump International Hotel is operating ‘way under capacity, which may kill the DC location.

        I wonder what the contract between The Trump Organization and ESquared Hospitality says about nonperformance on the Trump side …


        • ninjaf

          Insert small hands joke here.

          • 1933john

            You don,t need a pair for a schlort.

          • ninjaf


        • zac

          I worked across the street at another steak house for 6 years. Even with valet parking, the hotel isn’t car friendly due to the immediate neighborhood being mostly secure government buildings, intense competition including 3 Andres restaurants nearby, and the lack of residential in the area…

  • Draxiar

    I think that anyone eating or staying at the hotel should only pay part of the bill just as Trump only partly paid the contractors that built his buildings.

  • mnpollio

    If I could find it, this would be the perfect place to insert Nelson from The Simpsons going “HA HA!”

    • muselet

      Allow me:


  • swift_4

    The only people who support him can’t afford it.

  • Georgie