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No, the President Isn’t the Anti-Christ

And, yes, crazy people are still publicly making that claim.

A birther minister who gained Internet notoriety for his claim that the Bible foretold Barack Obama as the anti-Christ says he doesn’t deserve the mockery.

Carl Gallups advanced the theory, based on Aramaic translations of biblical texts, that Jesus spoke the current president’s name when he prophesized in Luke 10:18 that he “saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

According to the theory, which Gallups says he did not develop but promoted, the Aramaic translation of that passage would be: “I beheld Satan as baraq u-bama.”

  • Christopher Foxx

    he “saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

    the Aramaic translation of that passage would be: “I beheld Satan as baraq u-bama.”

    So… Barack Obama = “lightning from heaven” ??

    Sounds like a good thing.

  • D_C_Wilson

    “I beheld Satan as baraq u-bama.”

    Does he understand that this is only a partial translation?

  • moelarryandjesus

    Of course he’s not the Anti-Christ. I AM THE ANTI-CHRIST. And I’m going to get busy with the Apocalypse once I get done with my current quest, which involves finding the perfect Buffalo Wing/India Pale Ale combination.

    • “finding the perfect Buffalo Wing/India Pale Ale combination”

      Tis a noble quest…I commend you on it.

    • “I’m the Anti-Christ and so is my wife!”

  • Pish, Anti-christ Obama is so last year. Any wingnut worth his salt know it’s Anti-christ Francis!

    • D_C_Wilson

      Actually, the pope (any pope, really) is a favorite target for labeling as the Anti-christ in the fundamentalist world. Oh, and pretty much every president in the last hundred years has been accused of being the Anti-Christ at least once.

      • Yeah, but this pope is being all Socialocommunistic, so he really is The One.

  • Zen Diesel

    I welcome the Anti-Christ with open arms, New World Order has begun “apologizes for my apparent lunacy, I just finished a two day marathon of watching “The Following”, I feeling a lil cultist this morning…lol

    • Ipecac

      So in that picture, is Obama REALLY huge compared to the merely relatively huge soldiers oppressing the masses (presumably of Christians)? If so, where is he standing? He seems to be somewhat translucent, suggesting he’s there as a projection, either technological or supernatural. But if so, that still doesn’t explain why those two soldiers are so immense.

      • Zen Diesel

        I was trolling on WND a few months back and ran across this image. I must say the folks over WND are doing acid on a daily basis, because the stuff they pull from their arse is becoming increasingly crazier by the day. I think the soldiers are suppose to represent his secret UN army that will oppress us on the day, he decides to reveal his true self.

  • My father who had never been particularly religious just recently started parroting this nonsense. Turns out my evangelical brother has been taking him to his church for the last few years (unbeknownst to me) where they preach this bullshite. I made my father doubt the claim though by simply making the following point: If he’s the Anti-Christ, why is he unpopular with a significant percentage of Americans? 24-27% of Americans really do not like him and they aren’t afraid to say so. The Bible says that the Anti-Christ will be almost universally loved–that only a very few will not follow him and even fewer will be willing to speak out against him for fear of reprisal. I get a special tingle up my leg whenever I can use something from the Bible to disprove such idiocy.

  • Ipecac

    Sounds like he fell for an Onion article.

    • Or the Bible (both relying on fictional stories)