Democratic Party

No Sir. I Don't Like It.

Ed Schultz was kind enough to invite me onto his show last week, and, in hindsight, I wish we had discussed what he was saying about the congressional Democrats at the top of the show. He was urging us to get angry with the Democrats, and specifically Harry Reid, and deliver the message that they shouldn't go on recess until they pass more unemployment benefits (something to that effect).

While I'm not a fan of Harry Reid, and while I can do without the insufferable conservadems, the reality is this: the Republicans and conservadems have hijacked Congress with the filibuster, and there isn't much that can be done about that until the rules are changed. I understand the frustration with this.

But this from Ed -- this I really don't understand:

And I’m announcing today, I’m not going to vote in the midterms. I’m not going to do it. You can say it’s un-American. No, it’s rather revolutionary is what it is. I’m at that point. I’m checking out.

I’m checking out of the Democrats because they are proving to me that they don’t know how to handle these big babies over on the right that say no. You know what you do? You get in the driver’s seat, you hit the throttle, and you run over ‘em.

How exactly will this help?