• powermonster

    a major roadblock in utility power grid and it’s lagging adoption of renewable energy sources is the off peak storage of intermittent sources of power. the last 13 years have seen excellent research into uses of sodium metal batteries in both a superheated and supercooled state; which if implemented at grid scale should go a long way to ending our dependence on petroleum fires for power generation.
    pdf at arxive.org


    and a well written article from 2009 about this technology

  • ranger11

    Is it certain that Lautenberg is going to retire?

  • mrbrink

    I love this:

    [My #SNAPChallenge breakfast and lunch today: can of black beans with seasoning and sweet potato]

    –Mayor Booker via Twitter.

    That’s Welfare Queen Cuisine.


  • If he’s smart, he’ll run for the Senate.