North Carolina AG Cooper Won’t Defend the “Unconstitutional” Bathroom Bill

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper announced this morning that he will not defend the state in court against organizations suing over HB2, the anti-transgender bathroom bill.

Cooper is named as a defendant in the ACLU's lawsuit against the state, but he says the law is an embarrassment.

North Carolina's attorney general said Tuesday he won't defend in court a new state law preventing Charlotte and other local governments from approving protections for LGBT people, calling it discriminatory and a "national embarrassment." [...]

"Not only is this new law a national embarrassment, it will set North Carolina's economy back if we don't' repeal it," Cooper said. "We know that businesses here and all over the country have taken a strong stance in opposition to this law."

Cooper also described the law as "unconstitutional" and said it does not represent the values of North Carolina. Recent polling that demonstrates no significant appetite for overturning local ordinances suggests he's right.

It should be noted that Cooper is running to replace Governor Pat McCrory and, at least on this issue, he has made the right call. The legal and economic consequences for North Carolina will materialize before the November election arrives and, obviously, some already have.

In related news, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned state travel to North Carolina in response to the law.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’m still flabbergasted by this wingnut I’ve been talking to who keeps insisting that LGBT people should just “live and let live” and not sue people who discriminate against them for “religious” reasons (i.e., not “force them to bake cakes” or whatever the proxy-martyr narrative is this week). This person insists that were (s)he in their shoes, (s)he would never think of doing that. Because, you know, (s)he is so much more “tolerant” than I am.

    I love it when right-wingers congratulate themselves for things they have never done and will never do. Anyone who claims that (s)he would meekly acquiesce to a violation of his/her civil rights, and demands that others do the same, is either a liar or a fool.

    What they call “freedom” is not freedom; it’s power. What they call “tolerance” is not tolerance; it’s acquiescence. What they call “force” is not force; it’s accountability.

    • ninjaf

      If this were the case, then why are they complaining now? They feel their civil rights (religious freedom) are being violated. So, just live with it instead of trying to enact these laws.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        They expect LGBT people to “just live with it,” i.e., the refusal to sell them cakes or cater their wedding receptions, “instead of enacting these laws” that prohibit such discrimination.

  • muselet

    Roy Cooper is right. The law is unconstitutional and a national embarrassment, and will hurt North Carolina’s economy.

    However, it remains to be seen whether sane North Carolinians will outvote the culture warriors.


    • ninjaf

      It is a presidential election year so the liberals will be out in force this year so I am confident we will. McCory was elected in one of the off years when we liberals tend to take democracy for granted. When will we learn?

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Embarrassment pretty much describes all southern republican redneck discriminatory laws.