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North Carolina Judges Block GOP Power Grab

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

As you probably recall, Republican lawmakers in North Carolina passed legislation to limit the governor's powers shortly after Roy Cooper's victory over former Governor Pat McCrory was certified.

The law would have required confirmation of Cooper's nominees, but the law has been blocked by a panel of superior court judges.

The decision by the judges was released an hour before senators were scheduled to question Cooper's pick to lead the department of military and veterans' affairs, but he was absent. Committee co-chairman Sen. Wesley Meredith read a brief statement in which he said senators would still get answers about the qualifications of secretaries and the meeting abruptly ended.

State Republicans have responded in an absurd manner, accusing the judges of overstepping their constitutional authority. State House and Senate Republicans also accused the court of "legislating from the bench" and said they should "hang up their robes and run for a legislative seat."

Projection is the only thing Republicans are good at.

The law will remain blocked until at least tomorrow when a new ruling is expected.

  • muselet

    Senators have laid out a schedule to examine Cooper’s eight picks through mid-March. They said they weren’t aiming to be confrontational and wanted to determine if Cooper’s choices were capable of performing the job, lacked conflicts of interest and planned to follow the law.

    “The nearly identical federal process that is taking place in Washington, D.C., even as we speak shows the public is paying attention and we ought to do everything we can to give the people confidence that our state leaders will be accountable to them,” said Meredith, a Republican.

    [emphasis added]

    The difference being, of course, that qualifications, conflicts and integrity only matter to Rs when someone is nominated by a D. Witness that “nearly identical” process going on in DC (*cough* Betsy DeVos *cough*).

    Best of luck to the people of North Carolina. They’re going to need it.


  • Yeah! Why do we even have a judiciary! They should all just hang up their robes and run for office!

    Oy, I have a headache.