North Korea

North Korea May Be Producing More Nuclear Bomb Fuel

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Although it's been nearly a year since Trump first declared victory and announced that North Korea had supposedly agreed to disarm, researchers say activity at North Korea's main nuclear site indicates that they may be producing fuel for more nuclear bombs.

Independent analysis of satellite images taken last week reveals that the North may be transporting nuclear material for processing.

Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies said in a report that satellite imagery of North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear site from April 12 showed five specialized railcars near its Uranium Enrichment Facility and Radiochemistry Laboratory.

It said their movement could indicate the transfer of radioactive material.

“In the past, these specialized railcars appear to have been associated with the movement of radioactive material or reprocessing campaigns.” the report said. “The current activity, along with their configurations, does not rule out their possible involvement in such activity, either before or after a reprocessing campaign.”

A government source who spoke to Reuters acknowledged the substance of this report but downplayed it and said they doubt it's a sign of significant activity, but that doesn't necessarily tell us anything. And we've heard that before.

I cannot a recall a time in the last year when third party analysis of commercial satellite imagery of North Korea's nuclear facilities turned out to be substantively wrong. The Pentagon and the intelligence community obviously have access to much better imagery than any university or think tank does, but the Trump regime's general policy has been to downplay every development while Trump exchanges love letters with Kim Jong-un.

Trump recently agreed to hold a third "summit" with Kim Jong-un, but it appears that another meeting may not take place until the end of the year if it ever does.

To be frank, I would say Kim is holding most of the cards here.

Kim said he would wait “till the end of this year” for the United States to decide to be more flexible. On Monday, Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo brushed aside this demand with Pompeo saying Kim should keep his promise to give up his nuclear weapons before then.

The problem with Pompeo saying Kim should keep his promise is that Kim never actually promised anything. Trump is responsible for selling the idea that Kim promised to disarm.

  • Draxiar

    Kim moved on him like a bitch.

  • muselet

    Kim said he would wait “till the end of this year” for the United States to decide to be more flexible.

    Kim Jong-un wouldn’t be saying things like that if he didn’t think he was in a stronger position than Donald Trump.

    Congratulations to the Trump administration for making Asia—for making the world—a far more dangerous place.


  • Badgerite

    Kim promised nothing. trump just flippin’ surrendered. POS.