North Korea

North Korea May Not Return American Remains After All

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump made a very big deal out North Korea's supposed agreement to return the remains of Americans killed in the North during the Korean War, and that would been a genuinely good thing if it happened, but it looks like there may have been no deal at all.

North Korean and American officials were suppose to discuss the matter today, but the North didn't show up.

North Korean officials did not show up to a planned meeting with US officials at the demilitarized zone Thursday, where they were expected to continue discussions on repatriating the remains of Americans killed during the Korean War, a senior US official tells CNN.

There was no call or explanation from North Korean officials on why they skipped the meeting.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ignored a question about the apparent snub when asked by reporters traveling with him in Brussels on Thursday.

The agreement to return American remains was announced after Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un last month, but it's become crystal clear that the piece of paper Trump and Kim signed was effectively meaningless and worthless.

Actually, Trump did follow through on his pledge to end joint military exercises with the South Korean military so I suppose Kim Jong-un did get something out of the meeting.

Color me skeptical that the North even has a significant number of remains in their possession nearly 70 years later.

  • muselet

    Oh, noes. Donald Trump … got played by LIttle Rocket Man?

    Gollies, color me shocked.


  • Draxiar

    C.mon Ashby…this would mean the trump didn’t make a good deal and got hilariously snookered and I find that VERY hard to believe….

    *snark snark*

    • Badgerite

      Deal? It was a surrender with theatrics.

      • Draxiar

        But NO ONE has seen theatrics like that…believe me…

  • Aynwrong

    For eight years we were relentlessly bombarded with horseshit about how Obama was weakening America in the eyes of the world every time he uttered a syllable and now we are led by a “businessman” (The height of human evolution according to R’s) who on the world stage may as well have just fallen off a turnip truck.

    Not only did he make a sucker out of himself, he did so in a way that directly involves the sacrifice of fallen soldiers and their families. Naturally the Party of Patriots™ will say not a God damned word.

  • The parents of thousands of Korean War casualties are going to be devastated.