Not Guilty

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Mike Luckovich)

In other news, the first case of the contagious Chinese coronavirus has been detected in the U.S. in Washington state. A person traveling from Wuhan, China to Seattle carried the virus over.

Meanwhile, one of the Trump's national security advisers, Andrew Peek, was escorted away from the White House pending a security investigation. Peek was the top adviser on Russia, but he was only on the job for three months.

There's been some wild rumors about Peek floating around, but there's been no additional reporting yet.

Finally, Trump reportedly told donors at Mar-a-Lago that he ordered the assassination of Qassem Soleimani because the general said some bad things.

In his speech — held inside the gilded ballroom on his Mar-a-Lago property — he claimed that Soleimani was "saying bad things about our country" before the strike, which led to his decision to authorize his killing.

"How much of this shit do we have to listen to?" Trump asked. "How much are we going to listen to?"

Trump did not describe an "imminent threat" that led to his decision to kill Soleimani, the justification used by administration officials in the aftermath of the attack.

I don't think we'll like living in a world where this is the standard for assassinations.

  • I think Trump was a little reluctant, or squeamish, to order people killed earlier in the administration. Witness the attack on the Syrian airfield which was limited and came after warning everyone to leave the area. That he has moved past whatever reluctance he might have had is definitely not a good thing.

  • Aynwrong

    Are the proper government agencies properly staffed to adequately respond to the arrival of virus that requires immediate attention? I’m not fear mongering. I’m just remembering government’s response a crisis caused by hurricane when FEMA was run a by guy who specialized in literal dog and pony shows.

    Not the least bit surprised.

    No. I don’t think we’d like living in that world either. But Trump’s supporters love it because it’s “tough” and “not backing down.” Any blowback will ignored. Are we tired of all the winning yet?!

    • Draxiar

      I’m exhausted by the authoritarian cowardice of the Republican Party. The only thing they have left to maintain any control is an aggressively and violently and arrogantly ignorant septuagenarian baby who has never been able to control any of his impulses (which are always his worst). They’re eschewing any sense of morals to maintain relevance that will inevitably slip away- and quite soon. They are weak. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have to cheat at every level to win. I disagree with Uncle Joe…they will not have their moment of clarity and reason after trump is gone. This is who they are.