Not-So-Secret Agent

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, 53 percent of Americans blame Trump and the GOP for the government shutdown while just 29 percent blame Democrats according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Meanwhile, Fiat Chrysler apparently can't launch the new model of their Dodge Ram 3500 truck because the EPA can't approve it while the federal government is shut down.

Finally, JP Morgan analysts are warning investors that Trump's government shutdown has made it less likely that his fake NAFTA deal will be approved this year.

“The governing relationship between the Democrats and the Republicans is clearly off to a poor start,” Hui and Locke wrote in a Jan. 11 note. “The current dynamic portends major risks surrounding USMCA ratification, which market participants do not yet fully appreciate.” [...]

Hui and Locke forecast a 70 percent chance that the trade pact is ratified in 2019, a 20 percent chance that talks “muddle through” in 2020 and a 10 percent chance that the deal collapses. While passage is the most likely outcome, JPMorgan warns that the process will be “noisy” and could see U.S. President Donald Trump initiate a withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement in order to force a vote on USMCA.

  • swift_4

    Anytime the “blame Democrats” drops below 35%, that’s a sign Republicans are screwing up extra bad. When “the base” starts to figure out that you’re an incompetent boob, it doesn’t bode well for them in 2020.

  • Badgerite

    I love how for the gop elections don’t have consequences unless they win. If they win by cheating as they usually do, then we are supposed to be “civilized”. And if they lose then the election results don’t count or shouldn’t be respected. There is a reason that trump touted the fact that the gop held onto the Senate. They have been the party of obstruction for decades. What they use to obstruct was progress. Now, they’ve branched out. Now they obstruct justice. The fact that trump did not yet lose them the Senate is his greatest selling point to them. Because for them, it is about power to ignore the voters. They don’t actually believe in consent of the governed. At some point, if we haven’t already reached it, the gop will become a threat to our survival as a democracy, and as a people. And if they lose both branches of Congress and many, many statehouses, they will try to use the court system in the same fashion. To obstruct any progress in society, to obstruct governmental accountability and hold onto power at all costs.

  • Badgerite

    The longer he stays, the more damage he’ll do. It’s that simple. He needs to be gone. Putin owns him.
    At some point, this stupidity is going to impact our military readiness, if it hasn’t already. He is degrading everything. And it will bite everyone. trumper ‘snowflakes’ included.

    • My big fear is that we will have some kind of international military crisis and he will mess it up YUGELY! In all seriousness, my greatest fear is that he will get us entangled in a war.

      • Badgerite

        Yeah. Bolton is practically panting to attack Iran but I don’t think Putin would let him.

  • Aynwrong

    53% of blame Trump, 29% blame Democrats (IDIOTS), and apparently, 18% are in a coma. Lovely.

    I wonder how many Fiat Chrysler executives voted for Trump.

    I wonder the same thing about investors being warned by JP Morgan. My sympathy for such people would disappear in the eye of a needle.

  • katanahamon

    Also from Daily Beast, if this doesn’t piss you off, nothing will…

    “President Trump’s inaugural committee spent about $100 million in 72 days, with money going towards everything from professional makeup services to hotel rooms that were never used. Citing sources and documents that have not previously been made public, The New York Times reports that $10,000—or $500-per-person—was spent to provide 20 staffers with makeup before an inaugural “candlelight” dinner. At the same dinner, which took place at D.C.’s Union Station, $924,000 was reportedly spent on decor and $91-per-guest was spent on custom name placards and menus—including an on-site calligrapher to fix last-minute mistakes. Dozens of contract staff members also reportedly got $30,000 in per diem payments for hotel rooms, food, taxis, and plane tickets.

    A significant amount of the money raised also went to waste, with $6.4 million worth of hotel rooms reportedly not used after guests arranged their own accommodations, according to the Times. WIS Media Partners, led by First Lady Melania Trump’s friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, also reportedly got nearly $26 million to act as a “general contractor” and to produce a “documentary project” on the inauguration. The project was reportedly later abandoned, though interview footage with inauguration officials still exists.”

    • Badgerite

      trump casinos all over again. I don’t think the trump has ever made an honest dime in his life.

      • katanahamon

        Is this information just not getting to his base? I guess there’s just no reasoning with them. People gave Hillary such crap about “deplorable,” and I guess since Dems are held to a different standard it was a poor choice but still..the deplorables are a lost freakin’ cause…

        • The Deplorables are a waste of time IMHO. We should be focusing on those we can actually reach and ignoring the rest. They certainly wouldn’t waste any time caring about our concerns.

  • katanahamon

    WOOO HOOO!!! From Daily Beast…

    Mueller Probes an Event With Nunes, Flynn, and Foreign Officials at Trump’s D.C. Hotel
    Devin Nunes has been a pitbull for the president, growling at the prosecutors investigating Trumpworld. Now an event that Nunes himself attended is under Mueller’s microscope.
    Erin Banco,
    Asawin Suebsaeng,
    Betsy Woodruff,
    Spencer Ackerman
    01.14.19 8:02 PM ET”

    Please, please please please ensnare Nunes and prosecute him too!! I so despise that weasely $@#*@#% !