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Nothing To Show For It

Artist - Mike Keefe

In other news, a new poll shows that Governor Rick Perry would lose his home state of Texas in a matchup against President Obama, and Boeing has been found to be overcharging the government by as much at 177,000 percent.

Sorry for the lack of posts this evening! I was out of town.

  • likala

    President Obama polls better than Palin in Alaska as well.

  • The_Dork_Knight
  • dildenusa

    Have you seen Boeing’s ad campaign on PBS? It’s disgusting. They tout how they protect our fighting men and women in the military service.

  • dildenusa

    Michele Bachmann is refusing to answer questions about the $137,000 her hubby got for treating patients at his Christian counseling practice.

    • laddieluv

      And her knuckle dragging, troglodyte, “lobotomized” religious “whack job” followers don’t give a “” what “Moronella McDimbulb” says.

      Ever. They wouldn’t know a “fact” if one smacked ’em in the face.

      Mob mentality.

      They worship her blindly. ‘Cuz she demonizes President Obama. She hates gay marriage. And every sentence includes a bible reference. For starters.

      Oh. And she doesn’t look like Janet Reno. She looks like $arah Pee. Except no “fake” glasses.

      It’s the Jim Jones syndrome.

      I live in Bachchit’s district. She’s beyond useless and awful.

      Wish I drank.

      • dildenusa

        No question that her campaign has cult like qualities. Her hubby must be coaching her how to brainwash her followers.

        • laddieluv

          She coaches him. Marcus is a major “tool.”

          His gonads are in a jar. (Teaches people how not to be gay. Not kidding.)

          But he picks out her pant suits. grins.

          The whole family takes the “fun” outa’ “dysfunctional.”

          I subscribe to an online blog called “Dump Bachmann.” You’d be amazed at the “crap” that’s been uncovered about this complete idiot and her family

 Have a peek.

          • likala

            I read a story about how she got scared and ran screaming from the bathroom when a couple of lesbians tried to talk to her at some event. Now that’s crazy. I guess she won’t be going on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

          • laddieluv

            That did happen, “likala.” And it’s more insane than you might imagine.

            Google it.


          • likala

            Thanks for the dump bachmann link AJ. Interesting stuff.

          • Robert Scalzi

            This is the unauthorized DB Bio on Shelley , thought you would find this…. oh I don’t know, enlightening, disgusting, tragic, comedic all of the above ?? well here’s the link

          • likala

            Yeah that’s where I read it, just forgot where. Thanks. Wow, I can only imagine those crazy eyes on terror alert. Bwahaha

  • No time off for you, Ashby, you slacker!! 🙂

    mrbrink posted this link months ago, and I kept it because it confirmed something that is important to me.
    If you have the time to read a short piece, please do, and please share your thoughts on what you read.

    • JMAshby

      What does it confirm to you?

      • Did you read it, Ashby? What did you get from it?

        It confirmed for me what he has always said. He said he ran for president to restore some equity to the poor and middle class in this country.
        What he did there, largely unnoticed by the media, the choices he made, confirmed my belief that he is a man who cares about people. Not the wealthy people, the average, ordinary person.

        And, because I so strongly believe that, I trust him implicitly to lead us in a way that will further his goals to help the people of this country.

        Sorry if I sound maudlin. 🙂

        • JMAshby

          I get that he is a genuine person who believes in social justice. Which I’ve always thought anyway.

          As slow as congress moves, and with this kind of rampant obstruction, 1 term simply isn’t enough time.

          • ranger11

            Nah man, this shit should have been completed in one month. Two terms? What a piker! By now all the colors should have bled into one. But I’m still running goddammit!

          • mrbrink

            I originally posted that link in the hope that the disgruntled liberal left would try to listen a little more intently, and a little less reactionary, and recognize the president’s nuanced gestures of solidarity.

            To differentiate between decades of covert right wing death squads and global democracy-crushing agents for fascism, especially from the Reagan administration to W., and maybe amplify president Obama’s quiet little whistle in symbolic dissent of his predecessors.

            I hate to sound so mellow dramatic, but when your government spends decades literally suppressing and overthrowing democracy, especially at home, it’s nice to see a president who believes otherwise and makes overtures to rectify and atone.

            The whistle fades and the symbolism erodes with every elected republican.

          • JMAshby

            I’m fairly certain most people have no idea the kind of deeds carried out in the name of the USA over the last 40 years. Liberals included.

          • mrbrink

            Well, it’s still encouraging to know that at least the president does.