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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Tim Eagan)

In other news, the pro-Trump Rebuilding America Now super PAC is also under investigation by federal prosecutors who apparently have reason to believe Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE funneled money into the PAC using straw donors.

Meanwhile, Maria Butina claimed her Russian gun group signed a "cooperation agreement" with the NRA all the way back in 2013 according to an exclusive report from Mother Jones.

Finally, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has signed the GOP's power grab bills into law. That includes the provision that will free recipients of taxpayer subsidies from having to prove they're actually creating jobs.

Merry Christmas, Foxconn!

Here are some other stories I didn't get to this week:

Customs and Border Protection reportedly paid $13.6 million to a hiring firm that only hired 2 people.

The Trump regime is taking steps to deport Vietnam war refugees who've been here since before I was even born.

Agricultural Secretary Sonny Purdue has no idea what's going on with the farm subsidies he's suppose to oversee.

U.S. Greenhouse gas emissions are rising again after several years of steady decline.

Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro has launched an exploratory committee to run for president in 2020.

Kentucky's Supreme Court has struck down Governor Matt Bevin's anti-pension law that cut current benefits and cut pensions entirely for new teachers.

The Trump regime cut funding for a fetal tissue research project that was searching for a cure for HIV.

The Trump regime has started unofficially blocking DACA recipients from getting approval from home loans even if they have all the necessary funding and paperwork.

Johnson and Johnson has apparently known that their baby powder contains asbestos for decades.

And Facebook is sorry, once again, that third party apps may have accessed the private photos of nearly 7 million people. Delete Facebook.

Have a good weekend.

Update... Trump has chosen unhinged yokel Mick Mulvaney as his next chief of staff

  • katanahamon

    I worry that America must prosecute this corrupt administration, and even further must punish, somehow, the Republican Party as they are covering up the facts in the collusion with Russia to undermine our democracy in an attempt to gain and maintain their political power. The lies, the justifications and covering for lies, it’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes on a massive scale. How many surrounding Rump have been fired, prosecuted,or left due to their scandals or grifting? How can we allow this incompetent fool to preen and strut any longer?

  • katanahamon

    Here’s one of The Bastard’s latest tweets..complaining about yes, Saturday Night Live…

    “A REAL scandal is the one sided coverage, hour by hour, of networks like NBC & Democrat spin machines like Saturday Night Live. It is all nothing less than unfair news coverage and Dem commercials. Should be tested in courts, can’t be legal? Only defame & belittle! Collusion?”

    Umm, what about Fox-Aganda “news”? Does the word “hypocrisy” even cover this? Also, a president that can’t take criticism from Saturday Night Live????

  • Badgerite

    Merry Christmas to Foxconn indeed.

  • katanahamon

    Ok, here we go. A wonderful judge in Tx is trying to bring down Obamacare. Alright motherfuckers, bring it on. Cancel everyone’s insurance, make it unaffordable. Blatantly take away the people’s mandate from recent elections. Make it so obvious we finally vote every one of you out, and incarcerate your criminal president. Then we will vote in healthcare for everyone. Hopefully..

    • Badgerite

      You watch. They will lie through their teeth and shift blame to the courts. Part of the gop playbook, of course.
      Why Scott Walker’s wife has a pre-existing condition. Of course he wants other Wisconsinite’s with pre-existing conditions to be able to have health insurance. That’s why he had to sign a law making it nearly impossible for the new Governor and the new Attorney General to withdraw Wisconsin from that lawsuit which ruled that the law that mandates that pre-existing conditions be covered is unconstitutional.

  • katanahamon

    I’ll say it again..Fox has to go. Propaganda has no place in our society, combined with the Republican assault on education the propaganda is causing the electorate to vote for outright criminals. This has gotten ridiculous.

  • Aynwrong

    Of course Walker signed the lame duck/power grab bills. All the talk about how he should be concerned for his legacy was wishful thinking. He was never going to be concerned with a political legacy because he’s never been concerned with governing. As our very own Muselet has pointed out. For Walker, Wisconsin was never a state that needed governing. It was a subsidiary of Koch industries that needed management. He ran interference to keep the government out of the way.

    This kind of corruption and the racism that the GOP uses to pay for it is all all that remains of so called conservativism. Liberals, Democrats moderates (if there is such a thing) and especially reporters need to wake up and acknowledge this if were ever going to have a chance at rolling these people into the dustbin of history. Where they belong.

    Reading through some of the other items brings this to mind.

    Welcome to the Mountains of Madness. Happy weekends folks. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Victor the Crab

      Scumdrip Walker care more what the Kochs think of him than the entire state of Wisconsin. That, in of itself, should sentence the living filth to death by skinning alive and salting his entire exposed skin.

    • muselet


      Thanks for the shout-out, but I was just quoting Charlie Pierce.