Obamacare Will Lead to Volcano Monitoring

Well, not really, but according to Kenneth the Page Bobby Jindal, it could lead to forced consumption of Tofu and state-issued Chevy Volts.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) said Thursday's "frightening" Supreme Court ruling could lead to penalties for Americans whose lives are out of step with government priorities.

On a call with reporters, Jindal said that the decision to uphold the healthcare law as a tax is a "blow to our freedoms."

"What's next?" he said, expressing concern for people who "refuse to eat tofu" or "refuse to drive a Chevy Volt" — a popular hybrid car.

I personally would happily accept offers of subsidized tofu and a Volt. We should all be so lucky.

  • Shazza

    That Chevy Volt looks pretty sweet to me!

  • What an absolute fucktard…

  • muselet

    Of all the nonsensical arguments against the ACA, the Broccoli Tyranny one is most fatuous. No wonder Antonin Scalia and Bobby Jindal are so fond of it.



    • nathkatun7

      Why have we been misled to think that these two are very smart people? I guess eating Broccoli was not liberal enough, so Jindal had to introduce tofu. Jindal must be a hypocrite because his parents come from a country, India, that has a strong tradition of vegetarianism.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Governor Howdy Dowdy forgot that the talking point is to force us to eat broccoli, not tofu. He seems to have trouble staying on message. On a conference call this week that was supposed to promote Romney’s plan to “repeal and replace“, he accidentally called it “Obamneycare”, thereby reminding everyone who the real architect of the mandate was.

  • DeeinColumbiaMD

    I would love to say the heck with teabaggers states but I know & so does PBO that 53% of all African Anericans live in those states & a sizable portion of Latinos live there too. Abandoning those constituents is not an option but fortunately Democrats were prepared for GOP lawlessness & if these states refuse 2 follow the law, which by the way is what use to define conservatism and in case you were wondering those who keep describing the GOP as becoming more conservative simply don’t read their dictionary often enough, theres a clause that allows the Feds to implement the law themselves. Hey that may even mean providing access to Medicare for those shut out by their states. So let them cut off their nose to spite their face. That’s one way to get a public option.

  • Username1016

    We are a nation of toddlers. “Wah wah wah, you can’t make me!” Jaysus.

  • Like the government would ever stop the food industry from keeping the poison flowing in the grocery store.

  • sherifffruitfly

    know what? i’m simply done caring what happens in teabagger states. as they vote, so they receive. if they don’t like it, it’s 100% within their ability to change every couple of years.

    if at some point they prefer literacy, health, roads, etc. to their racism, they’ll be welcomed into civilization.

    there is an entire remainder of the country that ISN’T comprised of douches. we will move forward. let the teabagger states wallow in their own third-world shithole of their own creation.


    • nathkatun7

      I agree with you to some extent. The problem, however, is that the “teabagger states” now control one House of Congress and sizable number in the other House which enables them to frustrate the progress of the rest of the country. Not only that, there are sections of the “civilized” States that are under the control of teabaggers. Look at Darrell Issa. He is not from Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas. He is from the BLUE State of California. Unless we can figure out a way of defeating the teabaggers in the next election we can forget trying to move forward.