Oil Pipeline Erupts in Canada

Farewell to the Red Deer River.

An oil pipeline burst in Canada yesterday spilling at least 475,000 liters of crude oil into a rain-swollen Red Deer River system in west-central Alberta. The pipeline’s operator Plains Midstream Canada says when the spill was discovered Thursday night after calls from residents it closed off its network of pipelines in the area.

Recent heavy rains have swollen streams and rivers in the area, some to near flood stage, and local officials are concerned the oil will spread more quickly down the system. A nearby resident said that there is oil in the water and it is moving downstream. "It's going to be a major environmental concern for sure."

You know what we need? More oil! Specifically, more Canadian oil. Nothing says "progress" like a filthy polluting fuel source better suited for a hundred years ago. Brilliant.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    Why bother drilling for it, if all you’re going to do is spill/leak it? This just strikes me as Big Oil Onanism.

  • bphoon

    And the GOP wanted the Obama Administration to approve the Keystone Pipeline without knowing where half of it would end up. Jeez, what could go wrong with that?

    Actually, I don’t really believe the GOP wanted Obama to do that. I”m sure they knew before hand that he wouldn’t. It was just another cynical ploy on their part to attempt to gain political advantage. Again.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Obviously, the means the thing we need to do is to go full steam ahead with the Keystone Pipeline so that we can get more Canadian oil to the international market.

    • Dorothy Rissman

      It is friggin stupid isn’t it? What a bunch of moron leading morons.

  • Dorothy Rissman

    Definitely good timing on this spill. Maybe the repukes will shut up about it. I won’t hold my breathe.

    • D_C_Wilson

      They will simply pretend it never happened.

      • Dorothy Rissman

        DC, You are probably correct, but it sure as hell should give Obama room against the morons.

  • Dorothy Rissman

    I am here laughing even though it is an horrible event.

  • missliberties

    Grab a paper towel.

    That must be great for the fish and for Mitt Romney.

    Congrats Canada. Welcome to our pain.

  • Draxiar

    Ironic timing considering Romney stating he would open up protected lands for this archaic, dirty, and backwards technology. I wonder how he would feel if one of his houses was polluted by this fucking shit.