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Senator John McCain (R-AZ) apparently isn’t aware that the Cold War ended over 20 years ago long before President Obama was even elected as an Illinois state senator.

During an interview today McCain said the Obama administration was “delusional” for thinking the Cold War was over.

“I think many things and I’ll try to be brief,” McCain told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC. “One is a fundamental understanding of Vladimir Putin. They have been near delusional in thinking the Cold War was over.”

“Maybe the President thinks the Cold War is over,” he added, “but Vladimir Putin doesn’t and that’s what this is all about.”

Question: If the Cold War never really ended, how did Saint Reagan win it? Are you saying he didn’t?

I jest.

It’s possible Putin would like to start a second Cold War, but make no mistake, the first Cold War ended when the Soviet Union collapsed.

If John McCain thinks the Obama administration is delusional for believing the Cold War is over, he must also believe the majority of the world is delusional. That would mean only John McCain knows the truth.

  • stacib23

    That would mean only John McCain knows the truth.

    Giggling – after all, he was the only one who knew where bin Laden was hiding. He just wouldn’t tell us until he became president. LMAO

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    “he must also believe the majority of the world is delusional”. Well said Ashby.
    I swear these republican lunatics don’t think the rest of the world hears their insane nonsense. Honestly, if you check out the BBC, Der Spiegel, CBC, Al Jazeera or any international paper, you never see any leaders embracing Putin the way these whackjobs are doing just to fault a sitting President they hate beyond reason.
    It’s just red meat for their delusional base and they look like absolute fools in the world forum.

  • muselet

    John McCain has been flailing for quite some time, trying desperately to be relevant to someone, somewhere. Apparently, even the people of Arizona have noticed:

    About 30 percent of the Arizonans polled by Public Policy Polling said they approve of McCain’s job performance, whereas 54 percent said they disapprove.

    Republicans, Democrats, and independents agreed on this one — more then 50 percent from each affiliation said they disapprove of McCain’s performance.

    I’m a little surprised it’s taken this long for Arizonans to become disenchanted with The Ancient Mariner.


  • He MIGHT have meant that Putin is ex-KGB and that mindset informs everything he does and makes him yearn for those days. However, I doubt it. McCain has been stuck in a “bomb bomb THOSE people” mode for decades. I hope that he doesn’t live as long as Strom Thurmond did. AZ needs some new blood in Congress…you know someone who actually wants to do something for us.

  • DHaradaStone

    This is John McCain. I’m not sure he’s aware that World War II is over.

  • D_C_Wilson

    But if the Cold War was really over, how could they blame Obama for not knowing it wasn’t over? Checkmate!