Election 2012

On CNN, Romney Lied About Lying

This is just about as meta as Romney's ever been. On CNN, Jim Acosta asked Romney about his welfare reform lie and Romney said his campaign always corrects the record. Acosta asked if that included the welfare lie and Romney replied, "Absolutely!"

And then Romney proceeded to tell the same lie, and added a new lie about food stamps.

So he admitted to correcting a lie that he subsequently repeated -- with a side dish of Southern Strategy race baiting.

Here's the video. This is one for the Election 2012 time capsule.

Also, is it just me or is anyone else becoming totally creeped out by his weird ticking-time-bomb smirk?

  • MontanaSid

    I agree. The smirk is what galls me the most!

  • D_C_Wilson

    Romney has some of the strangest affects I’ve ever seen. I noticed a while back that whenever he is forced to answer a question he’d rather not talk about, he starts with an awkward laugh and then smirks his way through the answer.

  • gescove

    What work requirement for food stamps? WTF is he talking about? The smirk is a facial tic caused by the pressure build up in his on-board bullshit tank. I don’t want to be around when that blows.