One Less Moderate

Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race today after finishing third in the somewhat-meaningless Ames straw poll in Iowa.

Whether or not Tim Pawlenty is actually a moderate is debatable, but compared to the likes of Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, he may as well be. And that's exactly why he couldn't gain any traction as a candidate. He isn't a psychopath, and the more he tried to look like one in an effort to appeal to psychopaths, the more fake he appeared to be.

Tim Pawlenty dropping out of the race this long before even the first primary takes place reaffirms the premise that the Republican base absolutely will not elect a moderate candidate.

Only lunatics are electable when your voting base is comprised entirely of lunatics.

The chances that President Obama will face Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry in a general election are now more likely.

  • Lexamich

    Boy, all that mock scowling for nothing. Pawlenty will not be missed.

    It’s looking like it’ll be Perry/Bachmann facing Obama/Biden(?) next year.

    This race is over as far as I’m concerned. There is no real choice other than Obama. I have no plans on keeping up with each and every opportunity the corporate media takes in propping up Bush Jr’s preening protege and the aging sycophantic loon for the sake of “balance.” We all know they’re a couple of hypocrites that have said very foolish things for the sake of appealing to the con-servaknaves cheering for America’s tumultuous political atmosphere.

    Any uber-liberal riff-raff want to explain why President Perry will be better than President Obama, be my guest. There will be no primary challenge from the left because no one wants to risk their political career in an attempt to appease web-bound trolls following trends. Haughty liberal hackivists need to be singled out as the opportunists they are next year. We all know they’ll be vying to be apart of the televised coverage of these races, and the media swine are always in the market for liberal turncoats.

    As an Independent, I find the media’s practice of constantly sewing seeds of discontent in liberal circles most disturbing, as I’m sure most liberal Democrats do. We all knew that this was going to be a hard fight, but most gave up the fight in order to join the conventional wisdumb crowd. President Obama has been attempting to use the right’s own ideology against them, and there’s always some lib snitch trying to play smarty pants calling him a Republicon incognito or some other nonsense. These people are the lowest of the liberal cesspool. They disgust me, as far as these political squabbles go. They’re no better than teabaggers ignoring reality in order to be malicious.

    Shit just got real, so you can either steel yourselves for the upcoming battle or get stepped on by one of the crowds.

    We do not need a repeat of 2000, ok, simpletons.

    There will be NO – I repeat – NO middle ground next year, so Republitrolls will be very easy to spot as they voice liberal concerns just to be cute. Plants will be immediately called out if they are in my presence. Fair warning.

    We all know what to do, so let’s get ready to do it.

    And no, I don’t just mean going to see The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Hobbit.

    I’m talking about another blockbuster fixing to take the country by storm: The Great Teabagger Bonfire.

  • Dan_in_DE

    Poor T-Pawl.. he was doing such a great job of putting all the commentators to sleep.. and coming off as a total geekwad to the voting masses.. what a shame.

  • Obama vs. Bachmann would be preferable, IMHO. The (few) moderates really don’t like her, and her many statements of batshit crazy can easily be used against her, along with her anti-government/but bring me/my district government money hypocrisy. Also, she has a “reverend white” problem in Bradlee Dean, the crazy fuck who hates gay people. She’s trying to reinvent herself, but like “New Coke,” that reinvention won’t last too long. I’m liking our chances against her…

    • Don’t discount the effect of hucksters like Ed Rollins, now running the Bachmann campaign, in rebranding their candidate. In the ’70s, Reagan was recast as a folksy and friendly ‘real’ American from his former image as angry right-wing nutcase who cracked down on Californians while governor. As Rove proved, you can take an empty bag of wind like Junior and make him president, if you have the money, an intimidated or suborned media, and a majority on the Supreme Court to work with. Bachmann will have all three if she nabs the nomination.

  • Oh, holy jebus. Please let Dubya Redux get the nomination and Mad Michele can run as a tebagging independent. Oy, my head.