One People

(Cartoonist - Rick McKee)

In other news, FBI agents say the former Bundy militiaman who tried to bomb a Bureau of Land Management facility last week also scouted mosques and military facilities.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump reportedly used money from his charitable (ha!) organization, the Trump Foundation, to buy a $12,000 helmet signed by Tim Tebow. This might have been illegal.

Finally, Trump's new Colorado campaign director is an accused fraudster who allegedly pocketed $410,00 from a PAC by directing the money to his own PAC that he founded. I'd be more surprised if Trump hired someone who isn't a fraud.

Programming note... Monday is a federal holiday, obviously, and also my birthday so I will be offline. Those who donated during this week's fundraiser can expect to hear from me on Tuesday. We'll be back in action here on Wednesday.

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