Only One Person Voted For Rand Paul’s Bill to Lift Sanctions on Russia

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Senator Rand, son of Ron, said he would introduce an amendment to lift sanctions on Russia if Russia lifts their sanctions on Americans.

He did exactly that yesterday, but to say that his amendment went down in flames kind of feels like an understatement.

Aside from Rand himself, literally no one voted for his amendment.

An aide said Paul was the only lawmaker to vote for his amendment, which would scrap U.S. sanctions on members of the Russian Federal Assembly if Moscow agrees to lift its sanctions on American lawmakers. The 20 other senators on the foreign relations panel voted against it. The Daily Beast first reported that Paul would be introducing the amendment. [...]

When asked whether he thought Paul’s trip to Russia had anything to do with the amendment, [Senator Bob Corker] demurred: “I don’t know, but obviously it was not a very convincing amendment.”

Usually you only see this kind of ratio when renaming a post office. And Rand Paul would be the one who votes against renaming it.

  • muselet

    The Kentucky lawmaker’s push to normalize U.S.-Russia relations comes a month after he traveled to Moscow and met with Russian lawmakers. During that trip, he invited members of Russia’s legislature to visit the U.S. But many of them are subject to U.S. sanctions and are therefore unable to travel to the United States.

    Either Rand Paul—famously, an eccentric, self-accredited ophthalmologist—is the worst undercover cop in history (“Hey, Fat Tony! Come get into this Ford Police Interceptor with extra lights behind the grille and surrounded by black Suburbans. No, no, get in the back, I’ll chauffeur you. Hey, where are you going?”) or he just doesn’t understand what sanctions are. One or another of the Russian security agencies may know something embarrassing about him, but that doesn’t explain this little bit of boneheadedness.

    Kentuckians, what were you thinking, electing this mook?


    • Aynwrong

      That he’s a deep thinking libertarian philosopher and scholar who is steeped in Constitutional law and will protect my libertyfreedoms

      Okay! Okay! I give up. I don’t what they were thinking either. They could have elected a literal aqua-Buddha and received better representation than this.

  • Draxiar

    It would be less embarrassing if it was dismissed out of hand and never brought to a vote.

    • muselet

      True, but it wouldn’t be nearly as funny.


  • Aynwrong

    “…the Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”

    ~ Senator John McCain