• MadJuana

    Struggles with technology are frustrating.Thanks for fighting on, JM. We miss you so, when you can’t post.

  • Draxiar

    Whatever you’re able to good man…you owe us nothing. Your efforts are much appreciated!

  • RamOrgan

    Welcome home, JM.

  • fry1laurie

    The library, Ash, the library.

  • muselet

    For everyone out there who’s feeling nostalgic.

    (The Beatles did the song better, of course, but every video I can find has terrible audio. MonaLisa Twins—yes, they’re twins and yes, they really are named Mona and Lisa—do a better-than-decent cover and they live in Liverpool, so close enough. Incidentally, if you want to feel inadequate, John Lennon was 25 years old when he wrote “In My Life”.)


  • muselet

    Your efforts are appreciated, Ashby. Fighting with technology is never fun.