Racism Rebranding Stupid Party


The Iowa Republican Party deleted this from their Facebook page, but not before someone noticed and screencapped it.


Ha! Get it? If you’re a minority there’s no way you could be racist and if you’re white you’re automatically racist! Racism is funny.

And they tell me the party’s problem is communication. I’d say this communicates their beliefs quite well.

  • Christopher Foxx

    I like Alex Patch’s comment there in the screen grab:

    “This is an incredibly stupid and counterproductive post — how does this advance the conservative cause or the gop platform? It doesn’t. Instead, it makes people of color feel unwelcome in our party…”

    He’s exactly right. I wonder how quickly speaking the truth got him drummed out of the GOP.

  • theronware

    Republicans are cultists.

  • Kitty Smith

    Ah, but you see, it’s edgy, politically incorrect comedy.

    So basically, assholery.

  • muselet

    Because it’s Friday night and we don’t need serious political posts on Friday night we are sharing this.

    Some people should not attempt comedy.