Immigration Racism


Courtesy of Iowa congressman and secret border control agent Steve King, a new racial slur was added to the conservative lexicon just prior to last night’s State of the Union address.

Notice that “deportable” is used as an identifier. Immigrants are not human beings in the eyes of Steve King, they’re deportables.

And who exactly was King referring to as a “deportable?” He was referring to Ana Zamora, a student who has lived inside the U.S. since she was a baby and has been allowed to remain in the country while she attends college under President Obama’s deferred action program; a program House Republicans have voted to terminate several times.

Ana celebrated her first birthday in the U.S. and as she wrote the President, “The United States is my country. It is where I grew up, took my first steps, learned to read, write, play, graduated from high school, and will graduate from college.”

No one in the Republican party has rushed to condemn Steve King.