Stupid Party Super Stupid War On Women WTF

Outreach: Conservative Dating Profile

The conservative Americans for Shared Prosperity group is tired of the Democratic party’s “war on women” rhetoric so they’re fighting back with this amazingly patronizing, terrible, horrible, sexist video ad. This is monumentally bad.

Warning: this may be one of the most awkward and terrible things you’ve ever seen because holy shit this is bad. Seriously, what the fuck is this?

In 2008 I fell in love. His online profile made him seem so perfect. Smart. Handome. Charming. Articulate. All the right values. I trusted him. But by 2012 our relationship was in trouble, but I stayed with him because he promised he’d be better. He’s great at promises. He told me we’d be safe.

Have you looked at the news? He’s in my emails and text messages; spying on me but ignoring real threats.

He said that we’d finally get on our feet financially. I’ll never pay down what he spent.

He thinks the only thing I care about is free birth control but he won’t even let me keep my own doctor.

I know I’m stuck with Barack for two more years. I get that. But I’m not stuck with his friends. I’m looking for someone who gets that this isn’t about him. It’s about us.

I was left quite literally speechless after watching this.

Obviously the president is not your boyfriend and he’s not in your emails and text messages, but that’s beside the point.

Conservatives apparently believe the way to get in touch with women is to reduce elections and civic responsibility into a horrible dating metaphor in which the woman on screen refers to “Barack” as “articulate.”

You could write a column on just the racial undertones of this ad in which the “articulate” black president is accused of invading the white woman’s privacy and spending her money. Furthermore, the tone of the ad as it is delivered, in which the president is presented as a bad boyfriend, comes off as some kind of domestic abuse PSA.

It’s amazingly terrible.

It’s hard to imagine this will persuade anyone other than late night comedy writers.