Immigration Racism

Outreach: GOP Rep. Says Immigrant Kids Might Be Thieves, Murderers and/or Rapists

During an interview with a radio station in Ocala, Florida Representative Rich Nugent (R) said we shouldn’t be fooled by the children coming across the border; some of them may be rapists.

“A lot of these children … quote-unquote … ya know, the first caller mentioned it, ya know, they’re gang members. They’re gang affiliated,” Florida Republican Rep. Rich Nugent said on WOCA radio Monday. [...]

“Listen, if you’re 14, 15, 16, 17 years old, and you’re coming from a country that’s gang-infested — particularly with MS-13 types, that is the most aggressive of all the street gangs — when you have those types coming across the border, they’re not children at that point. These kids have been brought up in a culture of thievery. A culture of murder, of rape. And now we are going to infuse them into the American culture. It’s just ludicrous.”

You’re telling me we’re going to take children raised in a culture of rape and murder and then sling an AR15 over their shoulder and hand them a Gadsden flag?

You’re right, that’s a bad idea. Unfortunately I just described an alarming number of American children.

I just described Open Carry Texas, a group of manchildren who hold an event called the “Mad Minute” where they fire as many rounds as they can into a mannequin that resembles a woman with her pants pulled down to her ankles. A group raised in a culture of rape and murder.

You know, wholesome American culture.


The overwhelming majority of the children who have crossed the border recently are under 10-years-old. They aren’t scary gang members. They’re fleeing from gangs. And the Republican response is to demonize them and send them right back into the hands of gangs.