• OT….I think I may know (or used to know) the father of Ben Rhodes, Maddow’s guest. He was a professor of political science and my undergraduate adviser. Hmmmm, now going to do a little research to see if I can find out.

    • Lady Bug

      Interesting! 🙂

      • Here’s a link to a brief bio on him. https://www.jeserie.org/about/lecturers/dr-robert-rhodes-phd

        In first semester at Edinboro University of PA my schedule was chosen for me and for some crazy reason the Registrar put me into a 300 level Constitutional Law, which Dr. Rhodes taught. Since we had the same last name we got to talking and after a little bit realized we probably weren’t closely related. He was/is a very kind, intelligent, and thoughtful man. Anyway, after a few weeks in class, I was doing well and was maintaining an A average. He gave us an assignment to summarize some SCOTUS cases on 3×5 cards (which requires a particular format) and I had no clue how to do it. So I asked and he was puzzled that I’d never done one before because by the time any political science major gets to be a junior at Edinboro they should have done dozens if not hundreds of these things. I was pretty embarrassed but I told him, “Sir, I’m a first semester freshman.” He started laughing and then said, “Well, I couldn’t even tell!” After class he showed me how to do it and said since I was doing so well there was no reason to remove me from the class. Soon thereafter I asked him to be my adviser. He would talk about his son quite often and he worked in D.C. and was in position to become quite influential (as a civilian in the Pentagon, I think). That’s one reason why I thought it might be his son. The other reason is because this guest has an accent that is distinct and reminds me of the way Dr. Rhodes spoke (I’m a little bit of a linguaphile).

        • nathkatun7

          It wouldn’t hurt to try to find out from Ben Rhodes. If it turns out that your professor was his father, I am sure he would be delighted to hear from person who glowingly admires his father.

  • Badgerite

    I wonder if the Obama Administration couldn’t run with this and somehow parlay it into a cease fire for all parties, overseen by the UN, which finally gets this conflict to where it should have been from the start which is at the negotiation table? I wonder if it is not too late for that?

    • Lady Bug

      Kerry was quoted as saying that if the chemical weapons negotiations are successful, that could lead to negotiations on the political settlement.

  • trgahan

    Almost seems like the Syrian situation is being handled by grown-ups but reported on (the Maddow segment excluded) by juveniles who are only half paying attention.

    Syrian may potentially proving to be the high water mark for our summer of “Obama: the Conspiracy!” commentariate. While they still have influence on the conservation, and likely the financial backing through 2016 to keep screeching, they are faced with the problem of their concocted reality proving more erroneous by the day and increasingly it is falling on deaf ears. Clint Eastwood’s performance at the RNC convention in 2012 is proving more profound than ever. These people are fighting an imaginary foe.

    • Yep. The media behavior is being framed as them trying to make up for the fact that they got burned by Bush, but that’s not what is happening. They were irresponsible, lying and lazy “journalists” that burned Gore during the Bush/Gore campaign and the weird election results, during both Bush presidencies, and now they’re behaving just as poorly, while making the claim that they’re trying to become more discerning by second guessing every single thing President Obama says and does. They’re irresponsible, lying and lazy “journalists” right now.

      The Fourth Estate as it is now is a curse on democracy, reality, and the citizenry who think they’re being informed because their emotions are being stirred. These “journalists” wouldn’t know objectivity if it jumped up and bit their asses, and clearly their overlords spend next to no money for investigate journalism, or (apparently) time spent looking things up on the internet. Corporate media is only in it for the eyeballs of “consumers”, not citizens.

      Maddow is great here, but it’s a drop in the bucket of swill that is cable news. Reuters reports are riddled with attitudes and innuendo. Rat bastards!

    • nathkatun7

      Very well said, trgahan!

  • I saw about thirty seconds of a cable news program Wednesday night, in which a talking head (Anderson Cooper?) was saying that President Obama’s proposals appeared to be “impossible” and “What does Assad get out of this?” Christ on a crispy crust, WTF?! When I got home yesterday, I came here first thing hoping to see some push-back on that, seeing it on MSNC today is sweet.

    • Badgerite

      “What does Assad get out of this?” Assad gets to stay alive, yeah?

      • I was thinking he’d lose a whole lot of new toys, but the threat of death could not be denied. I’m beginning to hate not just what they do and say, but them. I’ll try to fight that.

  • It’s great to see the Nunn-Lugar action being talked about on a cable news program. For that, I will always have respect for Richard Lugar. I was sorry to see him replaced by a T-bagger. Lugar was an expert on arms reductions and arms control

    When our teams went to the former Soviet Union to help them secure their nuclear arsenals, soldiers were not guarding missile sites because they didn’t have winter uniforms, they were also pulling up copper cables from the silos. Bombs were stored improperly— imagine walking up to a nuclear bomb you’d never seen before and inspecting it!— and scientists had left the country with the manuals. Securing and accounting for all those nukes was an accomplishment that makes me proud.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    So the chemical weapons control discussions date back over a year when President Obama met with Putin at Los Cabos at the previous G20 Summit.
    Now that little piece of information is going to make some firebagger and rwnj heads explode! You know the ones who have been saying ‘Pooty the Homophobe’ is suddenly a hero, or it was all just an accident due to Kerry’s gaffe, or that Obama just got lucky, etc., etc.
    As this situation unfolds, I’m going to adopt Bob’s 24 hour Greenwald rule perhaps on a 72 hour format due to the story’s international reach.

    • jaywillie

      If those emoprogs and rwnj had been paying attention, they’d know that the biggest obstacle to an international solution for the last two years has been Russia (and China). They’ve blocked everything at the UN. They armed Assad, who started the violence by killing peaceful protesters. And they expect us to believe that Assad didn’t use CW that he just admitted having. Those emoprogs and rwnj would know that the US has tried to rally the international community for a diplomatic solution, has contributed more than any country to the humanitarian effort, and finally got Russia to budge by threatening an action similar to what President Clinton did to Iraq’s CW.

      Because at the end of the day keeping those weapons from Assad and any of the sectarian groups is what matters.

      And Putin’s big idea? A non-binding UN resolution that doesn’t amount to a slap on the wrist. And Assad signing on to the CW ban? Yeah, now he says he won’t abide by it unless the US backs off. Leftwing American apologists for Assad and Putin are vile.

      • President Obama has done nothing but act differently from W. The mass hallucination that they are the same frustrates me no end.

        • Lady Bug

          I agree. Besides those who deny there was a chemical weapons attack, what annoyed me most about the past two weeks were all the hysteria comparing the Obama administration to the Bush administration and Syria to Iraq

        • nathkatun7

          I am with you, FG! Only someone hallucinating would suggest that President Obama acts like President Bush.

      • Lady Bug

        But, but Putin is SO MANLY! 😉

    • HilaryB

      I’m guessing they won’t get that information or just ignore it like they usually do.

    • >>>that little piece of information is going to make some firebagger and rwnj heads explode

      I just love it when that happens!