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Paul Manafort Has Been Found Guilty

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

According to multiple reports, Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort has been found guilty on 8 counts.

The jury was unable to reach a consensus on 10 other counts and the judge has declared a mistrial on those counts. That leaves the door open for prosecutors to refile those charges while Manafort is sentenced for the others.

Manafort is also facing another trial set to begin in Washington D.C. next month and that trial will focus on his work as a foreign agent.

This story is far from over, but the fact is Trump's former campaign manager (Manafort), his former lawyer (Cohen), and his former national security adviser (Flynn) are all convicted criminals as of today.

  • katanahamon

    No, no, NO! Don’t you people understand? This is all Hillary’s fault! Plus, none of these things are really illegal anyway. The president only surrounds himself with the “best” people. Aren’t you more interested in the thousands of emails Hillary is still hiding in her secret pizza parlor server? How the “Deep State” is attacking the president? Thank god we have Sean Hannity to point out all the real facts…

    • muselet

      You’ve been reading the comments at RedState and Townhall, haven’t you?


  • muselet


    Hear that? That’s the sound of eight more shoes dropping.

    I kind of like that sound. It’s soothing.


  • fry1laurie

    First Manafort, now Cohen. Domino three soon to follow.

    • muselet

      Let it be so.


  • Badgerite

    The Special Counsel’s Office got Manafort on the most serious charges. Tax fraud and bank fraud.
    And Cohen appears to be flipping like an ffffing gymnast.

  • Username1016

    What I am dying to know and no news source seems to have posted yet is: how much jail time is Manafort looking at for the eight counts he was convicted of???

    • JMAshby

      Potentially years, but we won’t know for sure until a sentencing hearing. The thing is a sentencing hearing may not happen anytime soon if there’s an appeal or if prosecutors retry the other charges.

      • Username1016

        Politico said this morning that he’s looking at a maximum of 80 years.