Peace and Love

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Clay Bennett)

In other news, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in DC has rejected an appeal by one of Roger Stone's minions who challenged the legal authority of special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile, House Democrats on the Oversight Committee have voted to subpoena various Trump regime officials over their involvement in Trump's anti-immigrant, family separation policy.

Finally, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in DC also ruled against the Trump regime and approved AT&Ts purchase of Time Warner. The government did not prove the deal would be bad for consumers, the court said.

The appeals court judges said U.S. District Judge Richard Leon was correct to dismiss the government’s argument that AT&T’s takeover of Time Warner would hurt competition, limit choices and jack up prices for consumers to watch TV and movies.

“The government failed to meet its burden of proof” for its theory that costs for Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting content would increase after the merger, mainly through threats of programming “blackouts,” the judges wrote. The Turner networks include CNN.

The Justice Department antitrust attorneys had asserted that Leon misunderstood the complexities of the TV industry and the nature of AT&T’s competitors.

I don't know if this merger will ultimately be good or bad for consumers, but I do believe Trump ordered former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to oppose it just because he was mad at CNN. Opposition to the merger was poisoned by Trump from the beginning.

  • katanahamon

    Watching commentary on Cohen’s testimony before Congress today..I don’t think I can continue. The Republicans are so disgusting in their transparent attempts to create a circus..Mark Meadows, R, North Carolina, brought a black woman who works at HUD, and tries to intimate Rump the Chump can’t possibly be a racist if a black person works in his administration. Yeah. It’s that ridiculous. And insultingly stupid.

  • muselet

    Couldn’t resist after seeing the cartoon: