Far-right Intellectual Violence

Peeance Freeance

Predictably, the tea baggers are out in full force this morning hitting the president on the bowling gaffe from last night's Tonight Show.

But again, after eight years of defending President Peeance Freeance who could barely form a complete English sentence without choking on his own tongue -- and campaigning for a lightweight know-nothing from Alaska -- they're attempting to suggest that the smartest, most articulate president in decades is somehow a gaffe-prone idiot who can't communicate without a prompter? At least they're consistent in their ridiculousness.

Yes, the Special Olympics remark wasn't good. But this bit about President Obama (of all people!) being an inarticulate prompter jockey is a perfect example of how truly crazy the far-right has become. And that's saying a lot considering how crazy they were before Election Day.