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Pence Denies His Own Words After Trump Breaks From Him

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Something extraordinary happened last night. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump openly broke with his own vice presidential running mate and even said they hadn't spoken to each other since Friday.

During the vice presidential debate, Pence said we must be prepared to launch attacks against Assad, but during last night's debate Trump said he disagrees with that.

Pence was asked about that exchange this morning and he accused the media of getting his words wrong.

PENCE: Frankly, I've got a lot of respect for Martha Raddatz but she just misrepresented the statement that I made in my national debate.

Debate moderator Martha Raddatz did not misrepresent Pence's position on Syria. Raddatz quoted Pence word for word and Trump responded by saying that he disagrees with Pence and that they hadn't spoken to each other.

Pence spent the entire vice presidential debate denying every word Donald Trump has ever sad. Pence is now denying his own words.

  • muselet

    Martha Raddatz didn’t misrepresent a damn’ thing, and Pence knows it.

    Since when—as a commenter on (I believe) TPM asked last week—is it okay for a Christian to lie?


    • Oh, they’ll find a reason, a religiously justified reason too. The evangelicals are using such excuses now for why the continue to support that Rancid Pile of Orange Marmalade. Something about stopping us libruls from killing babies is more important than the fact that Herr Drumpf is the antithesis of everything they’re supposed to be believe in. If Hell exists, they’ll surely roast right along with the Talking Orange Turd.

  • The whole debate made me profoundly uncomfortable but I felt obligated to watch. My daughter who is 14 going on 30 had to leave the room because she couldn’t stand how rude and childish he was being. I didn’t blame her. Two things really stuck out to me–his complaining about the moderators being unfair was so childish and the way he followed her around the room. Just about every woman in America has experienced this behavior. I’m surprised he didn’t bare his teeth and start pounding his chest like a gorilla. Even Hillary noted it, albeit acerbically and sarcastically with a bit of an eye roll, on her plane afterward. She said something to the effect of, “Well I wanted to go back to my stool in between questions but he was always in the way”. I love the fact that she turned her back to him and faced the questioner. It put the focus where it belonged, on her and the voter, and it was a big physical FU to the hulking orange menace that she was not scared of him. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22bf4dc2a72ed970df8b2e81676c7f322f4c34b50b68f2bd7b55393a356230e2.jpg

    • muselet

      I was lucky: my brother and I were at dinner when the debate was going on, so I missed all but a few minutes.

      My TV was lucky, too. I might have thrown something hard and heavy at it if I’d had to put up with 90 minutes of a pouty manchild trying to intimidate an accomplished woman.


      • It was very intense in a very bad way. I had flashbacks to large men who have tried to use their size to intimidate me in the past. And I’m not small nor easily intimidated. Bless her for standing up to him.

        • ninjaf

          I did, too. I am short (5’2″) and men quite often have tried to tower over me to get me to back down (especially when I worked in construction as an office manager and a bookkeeper). It rarely worked because I was so used to it happening that I learned how to respond and show them that I was not backing down, even if I was scared on the inside.

          • And being scared on the inside sucks, that we’re the ones who have to hide that and stand up to them. If they could feel for just one minute what we are made to feel all the time, I think it would give some (but not enough) pause.

    • JMAshby

      Yes, Trump acted like an abusive stalker manchild.

    • Christopher Foxx

      his complaining about the moderators being unfair was so childish

      Wan’t it, thought? At least half a dozen times I wished the moderators would have answered his “You’re giving her more time than me!” whines with a threat to send him to his room if he didn’t shape up.

  • Georgie
  • Aynwrong

    Pence is disgusting. But he does seem like a return to form for the GOP. A politician who wraps himself in piousness and more patriotic than thou rhetoric while promoting a political agenda that’s about as far from any recognizable form of Christianity or love/concern of country. But his willingness to deny reality with a straight face makes him the perfect running mate for The Orange Dictator.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius