Please Clap

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In other news, Jeb! Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz for president because Jeb has no soul. Jeb can fix it!

Meanwhile, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) wants to give special treatment to Christian refugees. Would that even be constitutional?

And finally, Rudy "9/11" Giuliani says we need to start torturing people again and grant pardons for torturers. There's a high chance Giuliani's porn collection consists exclusively of torture videos.

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  • Aynwrong

    So the former official adult on the debate stage is endorsing the official “reasonable alternative” to Donald Trump. Pitiful.

    I consider myself a none of the above in the religious dept but I was raised a Catholic. Tom Cotton’s Christianity is not the Christianity I was raised with. Not even close.

    Rudy Giuliani exhausted his national security capital a long time ago. He seems more and more a relic of a bygone era. His tough guy routine desperately needs to retire.