Polling Torture

Ben Smith reports:

Polling torture depends, like so many policy polls, on how the question is asked, and it's an area where both sides claim majority support.

Rasmussen's latest finds 58% saying "yes," after a bit of context, to: "Should waterboarding and other aggressive interrogation techniques be used to gain information from the suspected bomber?"

So what.

Polling torture is not unlike asking the ridiculous question, "If your daughter was kidnapped and raped, you'd want to torture and kill the bastard who did it, right?" Well of course I would! And that's exactly why we have laws and law enforcement tasked with objectively delivering justice -- and not justice by mob rule, posses and blind rage.

If we were each tasked with delivering our own brand of justice, America would be a very different and very ugly place.

So when it comes to torture, we have to rely upon objective lawmakers who understand all of the nuances and moral dark allies involved in such a thing. Fortunately for the world, cooler heads have often prevailed.