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Poor Choice of Words

Artist - Tim Eagan

In other news, Rick Santorum picked up a major endorsement today.

Farah is the founder and editor of World Net Daily, a website dedicated to advancing the myth the President Obama was not born in the United States. Farah is so dedicated to “eligibility issues,” as he calls them, that he’s even said Cuban-American Sen. March Rubio (R-FL), a darling of conservatives and potential vice presidential pick, is “not eligible” because he’s supposedly “not a natural-born citizen.”

Farah is also known for blaming earthquakes, hurricanes, and the Penn State sex scandal, among other things, on the growing acceptance of homosexuality.

Good job, Rick.

  • villemar


    In other, unrelated Firebagger news: Glenn Greenwald is basically comparing Davis Guggenheim to Joseph Goebbels for directing the 17 minute Obama 2012 mini-doc . I wish I was making this up:

    What a fucking scumbag Greenbeck is. If you have the audacity to not hate President Obama with the white hot passion of elevendy kajillion suns, your an accomplice of and an apologist for Evil War Criminal OHitlermba and must be screamed at and maligned and attacked by his cultists.

    Disgusting. I met Davis Guggenheim briefly at a film festival after a screening of “Waiting for Superman” and he was bright, engaged, passionate about what projects he involves himself with, and even stopped and took the time to answer a question about one of the individuals in that movie and recommend a specific book to me as a follow up, while others were trying to interview him and applaud his movie after it was over. In other words, not a hack or a hagiographer-for-hire, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Not even Ralph Fucking Nader cried and whined and threw a shit fit when Spike Jonze made that short doc about Al Gore that ran at the Dem convention in 2000.

    • ArrogantDemon

      No fucking words, the nutters on the pseudo-left and right are just……

      I cant take it, man……the stupid, it still burns