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Pope Francis Crowd Surfs The Vatican Mosh Pit On Palm Sunday

Pope Francis, continuing to spread the gospel of denouncing everything conservative ideology represents by taking it to the streets and into the warm embrace of the masses:

Pope Francis-- Palm Sunday. 2014.

Pope Francis– Palm Sunday. 2014. (AP)


And the Lord said, ‘take unto this “selfie,” and spread thine message of love and liberal propaganda…’

Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter's square at the Vatican, Sunday.  (AP)

Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s square at the Vatican, Sunday. (AP)


I think I see Ellen in there somewhere. But this could be the first pope to be ‘selfied.’

At any rate, the images of Pope Francis being gobbled up by the adoring masses are only bolstered by the ideas coming out of his mouth. Ideas that are tantamount to an economic revolt in this country and the world over. Talk about your modern day radicals.

And the crowd goes wild…

  • muselet

    It will be interesting to see if any of the changes—both in style and substance—Pope Francis is making will stick past the end of his papacy.


    • j hentai

      i would imagine it would depend on the length of his papacy. if he is pope for the next 15-20 years, with at least 12 good years, then hopefully any changes he makes will stick.

      • muselet

        Perhaps, but it seems to this outsider that for every Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, there are five or ten Joseph Ratzingers.

        I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I hope somebody is tasting this guy’s food.


  • trgahan

    And two additional points:

    More priests agree than disagree with his message. Yeah the hierarchy is still gummed up by a few right wing Bishops and Cardinals in key posts but the chance for real change is growing quickly.

    In the U.S. conservatives are so dependent on a percentage of the white urban/suburban Catholic vote in places like the Northeast and Midwest that they can’t attack Pope Francis like they’d attack anyone else who says the things he says. There is a least one person of significant influence who can question the GOP’s entire “Our Tribe Rules, Your’s Drools” platform without getting trashed on The Five every morning.